Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP) Review Course

Planning & Scheduling Course is an important course to the planners and schedulers that aims to be a professional in their field, the course can prepare them for the PSP examination provided by AACEI ( Besides, the course can provide you with the professional steps of planning & scheduling processes. The course is important to the managers, engineers, planners and schedulers, and other project management team members.

The course objectives are:
1- Helping the candidate to understand the relationships between planning & scheduling.
2- Understanding the planning requirements and the professional way of planning.
3- Understanding the scheduling management and processes.
4-Knowing the used ways of project scheduling.
5-Solving planning & scheduling problems in projects.
6-Preparing the candidate to communicate with the management in a professional way.
7-Preparing the candidate for passing the PSP examination in the AACEI organisation from the first test.

Course Outline
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  Course Road Map - Free Video
  Instructor Introduction - Free Video
CollapseChapter 1: Project Planning
  1.1 Introduction & Learning Objectives - Free Video
  1.2 The Importance of the Planning - Free Video
  1.3 Planning Constituents
  1.4 Chapter One Summary
  PSP Chapter 1 Exam
CollapseChapter 2: Planning Process
  2.1 Introduction & Learning Objectives
  2.2 Planning Process Stages
  2.3 Inputs of Planning Process
  2.4 Considerations & Constraints
  2.5 Outputs & Deliverables
  2.6 Chapter Two Summary
  PSP Chapter 2 Exam
CollapseChapter 3: Scheduling Management
  3.1 - 3.2 Introduction & Learning Objectives
  3.3 The Benefits of Scheduling
  3.4 Schedule Development
  3.5 Work Breakdown Structure
  3.6 Scheduling Techniques
  3.7 Scheduling Levels & Reporting
  3.8 Managing Changes in the Schedule
  3.9 Chapter Three Summary
  PSP Chapter 3 Exam
CollapseChapter 4: Scheduling Process
  4.1 Introduction & Learning Objectives
  4.2 Scheduling Process
  4.3 Input & Data
  4.4 Creating Schedule
  4.5 Maintain Schedule
  4.6 Output & Deliverables
  4.7 Chapter Four Summary
  PSP Chapter 4 Exam
CollapseChapter 5: Memo
  5.1 Information about Memo
CollapsePSP Simulation Exam 1
  PSP First Exam - 120 Questions (Single & Compound)
CollapsePSP Simulation Exam 2
  PSP Second Exam - 120 Questions (Single & Compound)
CollapseFree PSP Exam - Single Questions
  Free PSP Exam - 20 Single Questions
CollapseFree PSP Exam - Compound Questions
  Free PSP Exam - 3 Compound Questions
Ayham Daraghmeh
Professional instructor versed in project management approaches and focused on achieving the project objectives with the high standards and managing stakeholders’ engagements. Holding professional certifications from international organisations such as Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP) from AACEI, with experiences in multi-billions construction projects that mainly located in the Middle East.

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