Project Management Professional (PMP) Review Course (Under Process)
This course is a preparation course for Project Management Professional (PMP) examination, which is provided by Project Management Institute (PMI). (Coming soon).

Course Outline
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CollapseIntroduction (Under Process)
  PMP Course Road Map - Free Video
  Instructor Introduction (PMP Course) - Free Video
CollapseChapter One: Project Introduction (Under Process)
  1.0 Introduction & Learning Objectives - Free Video
  1.1 Project Information - Free Video
  1.2 Project, Program & Portfolio Management
  1.3 Project Stages
  1.4 Tailoring
  1.5 Chapter One Summary
  PMP Chapter One Exam
CollapseChapter Two: The Environment in Which Projects Operate (Under Process)
  2.0 Introduction & Learning Objectives
  2.1 Enterprise Environmental Factors
  2.2 Organizational Process Assets
  2.3 Organizational Systems
  2.4 Chapter Two Summary
  PMP Chapter Two Exam
CollapseChapter Three: The Role of the Project Manager (Under Process)
  3.0 Introduction & Learning Objectives
  3.1 Sphere of Influence
  3.2 Project Manager Competencies
  3.3 Performing Integration
  3.4 Chapter Three Summary
  PMP Chapter Three Exam
CollapseChapter Four: Project Integration Management (Under Process)
  4.0 Introduction & Learning Objectives
  4.1 Develop Project Charter
  4.2 Develop Project Management Plan
  4.3 Direct and Manage Project Work
  4.4 Manage Project Knowledge
  4.5 Monitor and Control Project Work
  4.6 Perform Integrated Change Control
  4.7 Close Project or Phase.
  4.8 Real Life Example
  4.9 Chapter Four Summary
  PMP Chapter Four Exam
CollapseChapter Five: Project Scope Management (Under Process)
   5.0 Introduction & Learning Objectives
  5.1 Plan Scope Management
  5.2 Collect Requirements
  5.3 Define Scope
  5.4 Create WBS
  5.5 Validate Scope
  5.6 Control Scope
  5.7 Real Life Example
  5.8 Chapter Five Summary
  PMP Chapter Five Exam
CollapseChapter Six: Project Schedule Management (Under Process)
  6.0 Introduction & Learning Objectives
  6.1 Plan Schedule Management
  6.2 Define Activities
  6.3 Sequence Activities
  6.4 Estimate Activity Durations
  6.5 Develop Schedule
  6.6 Control Schedule
  6.7 Real Life Example
  6.8 Chapter Six Summary
  PMP Chapter Six Exam
CollapseChapter Seven: Project Cost Management (Under Process)
  7.0 Introduction & Learning Objectives
  7.1 Plan Cost Management
  7.2 Estimate Costs
  7.3 Determine Budget
  7.4 Control Costs
  7.5 Earned Value Management
  7.6 Chapter Seven Summary
  7.7 Real Life Example
  PMP Chapter Seven Exam
CollapseChapter Eight: Project Quality Management (Under Process)
  8.0 Introduction & Learning Objectives
  8.1 Plan Quality Management
  8.2 Manage Quality
  8.3 Control Quality
  8.4 Real Life Example
  8.5 Chapter Seven Summary
  PMP Chapter Eight Exam
CollapseChapter Nine: Project Resource Management (Under Process)
  9.0 Introduction & Learning Objectives
  9.1 Plan Resource Management
  9.2 Estimate Activity Resources
  9.3 Acquire Resources
  9.4 Develop Team
  9.5 Manage Team
  9.6 Control Resources
  9.7 Real Life Example
  9.8 Chapter Nine Summary
  PMP Chapter Nine Exam
CollapseChapter Ten: Project Communications Management (Under Process)
  10.0 Introduction & Learning Objectives
  10.1 Plan Communications Management
  10.2 Manage Communications
  10.3 Monitor Communications
  10.4 Real Life Example
  10.5 Chapter Ten Summary
  PMP Chapter Ten Exam
CollapseChapter Eleven: Project Risk Management (Under Process)
  11.0 Introduction & Learning Objectives
  11.1 Plan Risk Management
  11.2 Identify Risks
  11.3 Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  11.4 Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  11.5 Plan Risk Responses
  11.6 Implement Risk Responses
  11.7 Monitor Risks
  11.8 Real Life Example
  11.9 Chapter Eleven Summary
  PMP Chapter Eleven Exam
CollapseChapter Twelve: Project Procurement Management (Under Process)
  12.0 Introduction & Learning Objectives
  12.1 Plan Procurement Management
  12.2 Conduct Procurements
  12.3 Control Procurements
  12.4 Real Life Example
  12.5 Chapter Twelve Summary
  PMP Chapter Twelve Exam
CollapseChapter Thirteen: Project Stakeholder Management (Under Process)
  13.0 Introduction & Learning Objectives
  13.1 Identify Stakeholders
  13.2 Plan Stakeholder Engagement
  13.3 Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  13.4 Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
  13.5 Real Life Example
  13.6 Chapter Thirteen Summary
  PMP Chapter Thirteen Exam
CollapseChapter Fourteen: Conclusion (Under Process)
  PMP Conclusion
CollapsePMP Simulation Exam 1 (Under Process)
  PMP Simulation Exam 1 - 200 Questions
CollapsePMP Simulation Exam 2 (Under Process)
  PMP Simulation Exam 2 - 200 Questions
CollapseFree PMP Exam (Under Process)
  Free PMP Simulation Exam - 20 Questions
Ayham Daraghmeh
Professional instructor versed in project management approaches and focused on achieving the project objectives with the high standards and managing stakeholders’ engagements. Holding professional certifications from international organisations such as Project Management Professional (PMP) from PMI, with experiences in multi-billions construction projects that mainly located in the Middle East.

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