Marketing & Digital Marketing
Marketing is necessary for organisational survival. The digital marketing is the current method to improve the organisational reputation and marketing its product. This course is suitable to achieve the organisational profits with the best marketing ways.

Course Outline
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  Course Road Map - Free Video
  Instructor Introduction - Free Video
  1.1 Why Marketing? - Free Video
  1.2 The Importance of Marketing
  1.3 Marketing & Sales
  1.4 Marketing Plan
CollapseDigital Marketing
  2.1 Differences between Marketing & Digital Marketing
  2.2 What is the W.H.C.P?
  2.3 Leads & Target Audience
  2.4 What is the PPC & SEO?
  2.5 Paid Advertisement Methods - 3 Lessons Inside
  2.6 Marketing Analysis & Data
  Marketing & Social Responsibilities
  M & D.M. Conclusion
CollapseM & D.M. Exam
  Marketing & Digital Marketing Exam
Ayham Daraghmeh
Professional instructor versed in project management approaches, business administration and focused on achieving the organisational objectives with the high standards and keeping its marketing processes. Holding Master of Business Administration from UOL - UK, professional certifications from international organisations and dealing and managing companies mainly located in the Middle East.

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